Our Okatumba Ranch in the heart of Namibia

The farm Okatumba is in the meantime managed in the 4th generation by family Dennler and was acquired in 1937 by David Georg Dennler. Since 2011 Holger Dennler watches over the "Place of the alert people". This translation from the Herero language into German is self-explanatory if you have an overview over the spacious land from the "Big Hill" on the farm.

Okatumba is only 25 Minutes away from the airport and is thereby located very central in the country of Namibia. A perfect place for the start and the end of hunting trips and tours of all kinds.

Besides the hunt there is also a cattle and sheep breeding. Holger Dennler will guide you as certified Hunting Guide on 7000 hectare in the wild to your very individual hunting dream.

As tourism expert, his wife Andrea can arrange for you all your wishes aside from the hunting and submits gladly an offer for guided or self drive tours through Namibia and its bordering countries.  Also day and quick trips.

We are looking forward to your visit

Holger Dennler & Andrea Beer-Dennler